Cisco Networking LABS Crash Course for the CCNA with Bonus Session - Simpliv

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About this Course

This course is made up of plenty of labs that will give the student the practice needed to be proficient in the main topics that pertains to Routing and Switching for the CCNA certification (200-125) exam.

This is the meat & potatoes of the exam and it will help those in real world scenarios giving the student the foundation needed to start their job in the Networking field. 

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone that is studying to take the Cisco CCNA exam or want more information about the equipment used in the real world
  • Anyone going for an interview and would like to pass that process

Basic knowledge

  • Any simulator that would allow the student to replicate the labs for Cisco
  • i.e.: Cisco Packet Tracer, VIRL, GNS3, Live Equipment or any other simulator or emulator

What you will learn

  • After taking this course, the student should be knowledgeable in Cisco equipment (i.e. Routers & Switches), and should be able to grasp the concepts needed to create a network

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