Cinemagraphs the Easy Way - Create Superb 'Living Photos'

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Want to make your posts on your favorite social sites stand out? Of course you do! Cinemagraphs do all the talking for you. They're not overly-busy videos, nor are they dull and boring flat photos. A great cross between a photo and a video. They are the happy medium. Today you're going to learn just how easy it is to create your very own cinemagraphs—at home—without having to fork out tons of cash for expensive monthly SaaS (Software as a Service) video editing products. The software showcased in this course is called FlickGraph. Cinemagraphs made my way don't involve Photoshop; I have used Photoshop in the past to create wonderful cinemagraphs, but the time it takes to make them is simply mind-boggling. But also just as mind-boggling is how you can easily create your own Cinemagraph masterpieces by using the very same inexpensive software I now use. No monthly recurring fees. Pay once, use it for life. No need to have expensive data going back and forth to the cloud; the software and files you create reside right on your computer. Don't worry about internet outages or slow speeds. Learning how to create Cinemagraphs can earn you some decent pocket money at best. At worst—spend hours of fun creating Cinemagraphs for the sheer joy of it! Video lectures have closed captioning (an aid to you due to my Lancashire, UK accent!) OK, interested? I bet you are! Let's get going ... Who is the target audience? This course is for those who wish to learn how to create Cinemagraphs quicky and affordably for use in their social posts and marketing efforts. Photography lovers Video creators who want to learn something new and exciting
  • Your Cinemagraph-Making Journey Begins Right Here!
    • Meet Susan!

      Meet Susan as she showcases her Multi Color Fountain Cinemagraph!

    • A Very Brief Introduction to Cinemagraphs

      A Very Brief Introduction to Cinemagraphs

  • Cinemagraph Basics
    • What Works - Software - Tools Introduction

      Before we dig deep into the course, this brief video is also a way for you to see who your instructor is and get used to my Lancashire (UK) accent! I've been in the USA since 1980, so there's probably a 'little bit of USA' mixed in there too! :-) I ment

    • A Keen Eye Senses What Will Work ... and What Won't for a Cinemagraph

      The video details four different video clips, two that are suitable for Cinemagraphs, and two that are not suitable. Also included are two short .GIF samples of Susan's ferns on a tree, and New Haven train station.

  • Software Used to Create Stunning Cinemagraphs
    • And the Software of Choice Is ...

      This video introduces you to the FlickGraph platform.

  • How to Import Your Video Into the Software
    • How to Import A Video

      Learn How to Open and/or Import a Video File or Existing 'xxx.cnmgr' Project File into the FlickGraph Software

  • Select Which Portion of a Video is Best
    • Selecting Which Portion is Best to Use

      Selecting Which Portion of a Video is Best to Use Takes Time and Patience, and a Bit of Trial and Error!

  • Learning the Tool Differences within the Software Program
    • Using

      Two Examples of How 'Reverse' and 'Bouncing' Produces Pleasing Results in a Cinemagraph

    • Using the Opacity and Smoothness Tools

      Using the Opacity and Smoothness Tools - Use the Default Settings First, to Get Comfortable!

    • Using the Cropping Tool to Your Advantage

      Using the Cropping Tool in FlickGraph - Just Grab on the Lower Right-Hand Corner, and Resize, then Hover over the Middle and Drag your Selection to Where You Want It.

  • Using a Watermark and Why It's Important
    • Protecting Your IP: Using a Watermark and How to Create One

      If You Wish to Learn More about Camtasia 9 and Watermarks, Please See the .pdf. Thanks!

  • How to Export a Cinemagraph
    • The Important Differences between .MP4 and .GIF files . What Do You Know About .GIFs and .MP4s?

      Brief Discussion on the Differences Between .MP4 and .GIF files. Which is Best Suited for Cinemagraphs?

    • Exporting Your Cinemagraph as an .MP4 file

      See How Easy it is to Export Your Cinemagraph from FlickGraph as an .MP4 file

    • Exporting Your Cinemagraph as a .GIF file

      See How Easy it is to Export Your Cinemagraph from FlickGraph as a .GIF file

  • Fun Cinemagraph Examples
    • A quick chat about the Examples coming up ...

      This is just a quick chat about the examples coming up!

    • Example 1 - Les Miserables Show

      Example 1 - Les Miserables from Start to Finish

    • Example 2 - Smoking Chimney Tops

      Example 2 - Smoking Chimney Tops from Start to Finish

    • Example 3 - Barge on River Seine

      Example 3 - Barge on the River Seine from Start to Finish

    • Example 4 - Bird Eating at Red Bird Feeder

      Example 4 - Bird Eating at a Red Bird Feeder from Start to Finish

    • Example 5 - Beverage Glass Being Filled . Which Type of Video is Best to Use?

      Example 5 - Beverage Glass Being Filled from Start to Finish

  • Make a Nice Monthly Income Selling Your Cinemagraphs
    • Earn a Monthly Side Income from Doing What You Love!

      If You Wish to Learn More about the Inexpensive FlickGraph Software, Please See the .pdf. Thanks!

  • Where to Obtain Great Videos for Cinemagraph Use
    • You'll Need Videos of Course!

      Of Course You NEED Videos to Create your Cinemagraphs ... If You Love Taking Videos, You're Covered; For Those Who Don't ... Read This!

    • How You Can Reach Susan on Udemy
    • Join My Private Members Only Facebook Group of Cinemagraphers

      It's free to join - it's on Facebook ... Just go search for

    • Before I Go ...
  • NEW: Quick Tips!
    • Quick Tip #1 - Use a LARGE eraser at the start

      Welcome to Quick tips

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