C Tutorial for Beginners

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This course/tutorial is designed to teach beginners how to program in C as well as teaching students who are familiar with languages like Java, Ruby or Python. The course includes lessons on the fundamentals of programming. The course includes the basics of C and advanced topics like structures and pointers. With an unique approach of using Puzzles (more than 100 puzzles) to reinforce complex topics, this course covers Functions - Understand C programming using system defined and user defined functions Pointers - Understand Pointers - The easiest and most misunderstood concept in C Control Flow - Learn all about concepts such as iteration and conditional statements Structures - Get better at organizing your data Every topic is explained with examples which will help you to understand them better.
  • Basics
    • Congratulations
    • Introduction
    • Getting Started
    • Hello World
    • What is a Function?
    • What is a Variable?
    • Understanding Assignment Operator
    • First Real Program : Swap Two Numbers
    • Other Data Types : Float and Char
  • More Basics
    • Functions
    • If Else Statement
    • Switch Statement
    • Introduction to Arrays
    • Your First For Loop
    • Its time for While and Do While
    • Passing Values to Functions
  • Let's write Programs
    • Even or Odd
    • Is it a Leap Year?
    • Sum of First N Numbers
    • Sum of First N Even Numbers
    • What are the Divisors of a Number?
    • Is the Number Prime?
    • Find Number of Digits in a Number
    • Sum of Digits in a Number
  • Let's Learn Some Advanced Concepts
    • Let's organize data with Structures
    • Let's store data into Files
    • Time to Read from a File
    • Let's play with Pointers
    • Pointers and Arrays
  • Playing with Puzzles
    • Understand Associativity and Precedence
    • Pass by Value
  • More Playing with Puzzles
    • Playing with Structures
    • Playing with Preprocessor Directives
    • 400+ C Puzzles : Bonus Lecture
  • Conclusion
    • Next Steps
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