C# Language Basics and OOPS Training

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Today C# is considered to be the most popular and modern Programming language. It belongs to "C" family and inherently has lots of things carried from C programming language. It is the ideal choice of all .net developers for the reason that Microsoft has developed C# with features of popular languages to develop different types of .net applications. It has SIMPLICITY of Java, POWER of C++ and PRODUCTIVITY of VB.

Our Online C# Training videos enriches the participants with sound programming knowledge required for developing applications using .NET Technology. Mr. Sandeep Soni, Microsoft Certified Trainer and MCPD has compiled these sessions such that the subject is presented in the simplest possible language covering all latest and advanced features also. Every concept is explained not just in theory but also explained using different walkthroughs and a very practical approach has been taken to ensure that the participants get a feel of real time application development. Using these C# Online training course videos we assure that the participants will learn all the basic and advanced topics and also will help the beginners to gain in­depth knowledge of concepts like OOPS which is the base for programming.

It's the best C# Training Institute which also includes Interview Questions and assignments which will help the participants to face the interview confidently. To ensure that the participant is confident of the subject, in this online C# training, we have provided lots of assignments (along with solutions) in each and every module.

To fill the gap between the regular classroom based on training and this self­paced online training, we provide need based technical support by Subject matter experts to all those who would have any kind of questions while watching the videos of the subject.

Subscribing to our C# Training will for sure help you to emerge as a good developer in MS.Net technologies and you will achieve excellence and command in developing modern applications including web and windows.

  • MS.NET Framework Introduction
    • Everything About Microsoft .Net Framework
    • Framework Types Of Application
    • Framework Base Class Library
    • Framework MSIL and PE
    • Framework-CLR
  • VS.NET and Entry Point Method - Main
    • Visual Studio 2015 Introduction and Installation
    • First .Net Application
    • Command Line Arguments
    • Return Value of Main
    • Resolve Main Ambiguity
    • Using Command Line Compiler
  • C# Language Syntax
    • C# Introduction and Evolution
    • Data Type Value Type and Reference
    • Implicit and Explicit Casting
    • String and String Builder
    • Object Boxing & Unboxing
    • Constant and Enum
    • Operators
    • Control Statement
    • Working with Arrays
    • Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Working with Methods
    • How to become an Extraordinary Programmer
  • OOPs - Concepts
    • Object Oriented Concepts Part 1
    • Object Oriented Concepts Part 2
    • Destroying Objects And Role Of Garbage Collection
    • Writing Class And Initializing Objects
    • Writing Methods in Classes
    • Working with Properties in Class
    • Constructor and Destructor
    • Static Members
  • OOPs - Programming Encapsulation
    • Writing Class And Initializing Objects
    • Destroying Objects and Role Of Garbage Collection
    • Writing Methods in Classes
    • Working with Properties in Class
    • Constructor and Destructor
    • Static Members
  • OOPs - Inheritance
    • Protected Keyword And Constructors In Inheritance
    • Casting Between Reference Types
    • Static And Dynamic Binding
    • Abstract Class And Methods
    • Object Class As Parent
  • OOPs - Interface & Polymorphism
    • Polymorphism And Syntax Of Interface
    • Explicit Implementation And Casting
    • Types Of Interface
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