Building an Enterprise Private Blockchain on Salesforce

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Many people are familiar with using blockchain for cryptocurrencies, but there is increased interest in using this technology in enterprise applications. In this course, Building an Enterprise Private Blockchain on Salesforce you'll learn how to leverage blockchain technology with Salesforce. First, you’ll learn the principles of blockchain technology, and the difference between a public and private blockchain. Next, you'll learn how private blockchains can be used to create immutable, secure ledgers that can prove transactions, while still keeping data confidential; a key requirement in many enterprises. Finally, you’ll see how to implement this kind of scenario on Salesforce using Apex, the native language of the Salesforce platform. By the end of this course, you'll know about the role of blockchain in the enterprise, with specific examples on the Salesforce platform.

  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Understanding Blockchain and Its Role in the Enterprise
    • Our Journey Begins
    • A Brief Introduction to Blockchain (It’s a Ledger!)
    • Distributed Blockchains and Cryptocurrency
    • Distributed Blockchains and the Enterprise
    • Blockchain Mania
  • Exploring Private Blockchain Applications on Salesforce
    • Private Blockchains and Salesforce
    • The Scenarios
    • Immutability and Confidentiality
    • The Results
  • Building the Blockchain
    • A Bit of Architecture
    • The Data Model
    • Creating and Validating Transactions
    • Adding Blocks to the Blockchain
    • Validating the Blockchain
    • Securing the Blockchain
  • Anticipating the Future
    • Automatic Block Insertion
    • Variations on the Theme
    • Next Steps and Conclusion
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atieh mokhtari
atieh mokhtari

it was a simple explaining course which I was looking for. you would be completely familiar with blockchain and its' details. its' coding is not in beginner level but it gives you good sight about coding.

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