Building an AR Experience in Unity and Vuforia

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Have you ever had a client ask about augmented reality (AR)? Are you interested in AR, which is forecast to be a multibillion-dollar industry within a few years? In this course, Building an AR Experience with Unity and Vuforia, you'll learn how to create three unique AR projects, each enabling you to gain the necessary knowledge and confidence to produce AR apps independently. First, you'll learn the basics of the Vuforia AR software, and how to create an Android app featuring an animated haunted house and a pesky ghost. Next, you'll learn how to create an Android app that creates skeletons that will dance around a real 3D object. If your character walks behind this object, you'll learn how to occlude the parts of the augmented character that cross behind real objects. You'll also write a very simple C# script to lock shadows onto the skeletons to anchor them visually into the scene. Finally, you'll create a large-scale AR scene of a 12-foot monster made of particles. When you're finished with this course, you'll not only feel confident about creating augmented reality apps, but will also be prepared for the coming AR industry and business opportunities. Software required: Unity, Vuforia, and 3DS Max.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Tools You'll Need
    • Software and SDKs
  • 2D Augmented Reality Tracking
    • Target Manager
    • Building the Project
    • Export to Android
  • 3D Object Tracking
    • 3D Object Target
    • Building the Scene
    • Occlusion Object and Export
  • Large Scale 3D AR Scene
    • Large Object Target
    • Setting up Audio in 3ds Max
    • Building the Scene in Unity
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