Build Responsive Websites in an Hour using Portalfin

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One stop solution that help User with no prior software knowledge to design and develop complex form, presentation, website, data grid, application, chart, ads and content in various formats. User can also manage projects and tasks, Analyze Data and create RSS Dashboard to track deals, news, sports without writing single line of code. User can publish all these functionality and widgets to their existing websites, blogs and social media with just click and paste. This reduced time and money to publish ideas and content online with fast output and result. Help them to create effective online presence, create more opportunity increase their business and leads For companies this product reduces Time and Cost by more than half. Configurable User Interface with no coding increases productivity and support time and automate the entire process easily. Some of the widgets that help user in day to day life are as below • Access Facebook Widget in easy and simple way to communicate with friends, relatives. • Access LinkedIn Widget to view current happening in professional circle. • Do searches, save criteria using search widget and publish them. • Search Wikipedia and Bookmark wikis and publish them as widget. • Create and track children activities, create Task List, Notes, City Time, Weather, Organization chart and Map using Utility Widgets • Developers and Designers can make Widgets and Templates using Form Designer, Presentation Designer, Code editor, Ajax Editor widgets • Online form designer widget helps create HTML forms for your blogs, sites, contact and feedback forms by dragging and dropping form elements and publishing it to websites, blogs and receive form submissions. • Entrepreneur can publish their business plans using Funding Widgets for capital need for their venture. • Publish Ads and content in different formats using Ads Widgets like carousel, slideshow and catalog. • Children can create and publish books using book widgets using their ideas. • Time Line widget to publish events with date and time. • Publish the generated content, service and product info to websites, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social networking website. • Publish videos into categories and sorted list using video gallery. Helps Users, Artists, Companies and Business to organize video in categories. • RSS Widget allows user to subscribe to various Feed and content and publish them to their own blogs, websites. • Project Management Widget manages projects, tasks and online business to increase productivity, prevent delays and minimize cost. • Data Analysis Widget creates, edits and customizes Data grid with sorting, filtering, mass selection, pagination and visualization chart . • Data Visualization Widget To Visualize remote data in the form of bar chat, pie chart and line chart with no coding. • My Widgets like Bookmark, Weather, Contact, List to Do, Notepad, City Time and calculator helps user in their day to day activities. • Website Widgets Like Realtor and Restaurant helps realtor and business owners to create their own websites. • Configurable User interface and Layout Manager allows User to configure page Layout and organize the widgets positions on Layout, so user can select the content and place the content the way user likes. These Easy-to-use widgets give ease of changing content and publishing work in real time. Adding these widgets to any website, blog, social media is easy just a click and paste. Who is the target audience? small business owner , web designer , web developer
  • Build Responsive Website generate Income in a hour
    • Introduction to the Course

      In this lecture we introduce the course and instructors so you would know what to expect by taking this course.

    • Create A Website from scratch
    • Add Pages in website
    • Modify Page Layout
    • Theme and Style of Website
    • Adding Content and Images
    • Editing Images
    • Adding a Slideshow and Photo Gallery
  • Advanced Featured of the Website Builder
    • Sell Product and Service Online
    • Accepting payments on your site
    • Form Builder
    • RSS Feeds Widget
    • Create a Bookmarks Dashboard
    • Bonus Lecture
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