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Web Developer, WordPress and SEO Expert Tanzeel Ur Rehman has been working with WordPress since he was 13 years. He is the youngest Udemy instructor. He spends his whole day, practically every day, experimenting with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; dabbling with Python and Ruby; and inhaling a wide variety of potential information through a few hundred RSS feeds. He build websites that delight and inform. He does it well. He has a passion for teaching others, especially when it comes to WordPress and WordPress marketing. Tanzeel is also certified in WordPress and has developed, a lot of WordPress themes for numerous companies. He is also an SEO expert and when it comes to WordPress, he is the best. Tanzeel is not only in the field of WordPress, Web Designing and development But he is also a Software engineer and not only that he can also be called a graphic designer. He is a techgeek, an article composer and an online teacher
  • Introduction
    • Learn How the UDEMY platform works

      In this video, I will give you a short overview of the Udemy platform. Learn how to watch all the videos in HD, how to post discussion and get answers!

    • Which type of Website we will create

      Watch this video and get detailed information about the website creation that we will do in this course!

    • Which type of Website we will create (part2)

      Watch this video and get detailed information about the website creation that we will do in this course!

    • Introducing myself

      In this video lecture; I will introduce you about myself

  • Domain & Web Hosting to install WordPress
    • Introduction to domain & Web Hosting

      In this video you will learn about domain & web hosting to create a professional wordpress ecommerce website

    • BONUS: Get Free Web Hosting for WordPress

      Get free Web Hosting & Domain by watching this bonus video!

    • Installation of WordPress

      This will be the very important lecture because in this lecture, you will learn about WordPress installation. We will install WordPress by using an auto installer which is called softaculous

    • Exam: answer these 5 WordPress questions and become our Top Student
  • Getting the paid domain (not recommended if you are a beginner)
    • Getting the paid hosting

      In this lecture, I will show you, How to get paid domain & web hosting..

    • installing wordpress in godaddy hosting
  • WordPress Basics
    • WordPress Dashboard overview
    • Learn How to create pages in WordPress
    • Learn How to publish posts in WordPress
    • Exam
  • Installation of theme & Plugin in WordPress
    • Installation of e-commerce plugin in WordPress
    • Installation of WordPress (e-commerce compatible) theme
    • Exam: Basic WordPress Exam
  • Woocommerce Settings
    • Overview of woocommerce - The e-commerce Plugin for WordPress
    • products tab in WordPress
    • Tax tab in WordPress
    • Checkout Tab in WordPress
    • Shipping Tab in WordPress
    • Accounts Tab in WordPress
    • Emails tab in WordPress
  • Get your hands DIRTY!
    • Configuring front Page of eCommerce WordPress website
    • customizing the site (with WordPress theme>customise)
    • Installation of SEO Plugin in WordPress
    • Adding a logo to our WordPress Website
  • Getting into Products
    • Products Overview
    • Adding product Categories in WordPress
    • Product Subcategories in WooCommerce
    • Working with Shipping Classes of WordPress
    • Adding a Product (Part 1)
    • Adding a Product (Part 2)
  • Reviewing our website
    • Anonymous Visit to our WordPress eCommerce website
    • Get yourself clear with WooCommerce shipping rates in WordPress
    • Checkout now
  • Going advance
    • Viewing orders in WordPress ADMIN PANEL
    • Customers reviewing the purchased order in WordPress!
    • Usage of Woocommerce coupons in WordPress
    • adding variable products
    • adding affiliate products
    • Showing all categories (in a WordPress page)
    • Limit products coming on WordPress shop page
    • Limiting products (code + Link)
    • Understanding featured products
    • All featured products (in a WordPress page)
    • Understanding WordPress widgets
    • adding a widget
    • WordPress Visibility function in Sidebar
    • Adding some more widgets & SHOW AN ALERT MESSAGE!
    • configuring menus of the WordPress website
    • configuring menus (part2)
    • removing footer from WordPress editor
    • removing footer (code to copy)
  • SEO Crash Course
    • Introduction to SEO
    • WordPress SEO Plugin configuration
    • WordPress SEO Plugin configuration (contd.)
    • OnPage SEO (SEO within WordPress)
    • Keyword research
    • On page SEO again
    • Off page SEO (out of the WordPress)
    • Say Bye to WordPress SEO!
  • Marketing Crash Course
    • Marketing
    • Twitter marketing
    • Domain (official) Email
    • Forwarded Email
  • Email marketing
    • Signing up at mailchimp
    • Creating a mailchimp list
    • Sending mails to all subscribers
    • Embed a subscription form in the website (WordPress widget)
  • Now its time to use your skills to make money online
    • Introduction to making money online crash course
    • Introducing Fiverr (a best freelancing website for WordPress freelancers)
    • Fiverr (part2)
    • Fiverr (Part 3)
    • Fiverr Tips for more sales
    • How to Maximize your earning
    • Method 1
    • Method 2
    • Other websites
  • Final Words
    • Good Bye!
    • This special audio is for you!
    • BONUS: Claim your certificate
    • Final Exam

      This exam will ensure that your fully compatible with WordPress

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