Build an awesome pro eCommerce store for free with WordPress

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Welcome to this course, in this course we're going to take you through the whole process of building a great-looking e-commerce store. Unlike other courses we are not going to just tell you how to use a plug-in, or how to build your eCommerce store, we are actually going to take you through the whole process step by step, until we have a complete store ready to sell products. We will cover installing WordPress, downloading and activating the woocommerce plugin, adding simple and variable products, with up sells and cross sells. We will add a returns policy page, an about us page, and a contact page. Once we have our pages built we will add menus, and then demonstrate how to customize the highlight colors of your site to match your logo. By the end of this course you will have a fully functional e-commerce store ready to sell your product. 

  • Introduction to the course
    • Introduction to this course
  • Getting up and running with WordPress
    • How to find and set up the WordPress platform
    • How to setup WordPress if your hosting provider does not provide itwp2
    • How to configure WordPress once you have uploaded it to your hosting providerwp3
  • Installing our eCommerce theme
    • How to find, add and activate a great eCommerce theme
  • Branding our theme
    • Branding is important, here we upload a company logo to our new theme
  • Woocommerce
    • How to find an install the awesome woocommerce plugin
    • How to activate and setup the new woocommerce plugin
    • Configuring the woocommerce plugin and adding a payment Source such as PayPal
  • Adding products to a new site
    • How to create a first product and enter it into a woocommerce store
    • Creating and duplicating more simple products
    • How to create variable products for our eCommerce site
    • Using quick edits and product up-sells and cross-sells
  • Widgets
    • What are widgets and how do we organize them
  • Contact page
    • Adding an email plug in and building a contact us page including a live Google Map
    • Here we create an about us page to let our customers get to know us
    • Creating a returns policy page is always a good idea when you are selling items
  • Categories
    • Adding a final sales category before we start to work on our menu
  • Menus
    • In this video we create the menus to be used on eCommerce site
    • Inserting the menus we have created into our live site
  • Slider
    • Creating a front page image slider to attract customers to our sales items
  • CSS customisation
    • Here we show how to edit the CSS to change the color highlights of your site
    • How to customize other aspects of the website to suit your style
  • Resources
    • Download the links and code used in this course from here
  • Bonus
    • Thank you for taking this course
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