Build a Bigcommerce Store: Tutorial for BigCommerce

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Learn how to create an eCommerce store using the Big Commerce platform. Learning objectives at the end of the course, students will be able to... Design an eCommerce Store as good looking as mine. Start selling beyond eBay. Create an eCommerce Store on the Big Commerce Platform. Why should you listen to me I've been selling online since 2006 and have sold over $750,000 in total. I started an online retail business and made my first sale 2 weeks later. Sales to date have been over $525,000.00 (this is confirmed in lecture 1 and 2). What effectively works for one person will effectively work the same for any other person. Only a very limited number of people know this information. That means you'll have limited competition in this area to maximize your probability for success. Scroll up and Enroll Now! Who is the target audience? People who don't know HTML or Code. The Bigcommerce platform allows you to design a great looking eCommerce store without having to know HTML or Code People who are currently selling on eBay People of any age or ability.
  • How to Create an eCommerce Store Easily with BigCommerce
    • How to Create an eCommerce Store that Converts Customers into Sales
    • Choosing Your Bigcommerce Store Theme
    • Choosing a Business Logo Nike Approves
    • Design a BigCommerce Store Carousel to Increase Sales
    • How to Make Your Customer Order Checkout Unique
    • Connecting Social Media to BigCommerce
    • Shipping Made Easy with BigCommerce
    • States Want Online Retailers to Collect Sales Tax
    • Selecting Currencies to Accept
    • Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Website
    • How to Use Low Inventory and Out of Stock Notifications
    • How to Use BigCommerce Customer Return System
    • How to Create a Business Email Account
    • Accepting Payments on BigCommerce is Easy
    • How to Create Gift Certificates
    • How to Purchase a Domain Name Easily
    • Is Your Website Ready for the Mobile Revolution?
    • Uploading a Favicon to BigCommerce
    • Create a BigCommerce Account
    • How to Create a BigCommerce Profile
  • How to Complete Creation of Your eCommerce Store
    • How to Improve Your Website
    • How to Display Products on Your Website
    • How to Use Image Settings on Your Website
    • How to Add Social Media Sharing to BigCommerce
    • How to Create URL Structure with BigCommerce
    • How to Improve Miscellaneous Settings with BigCommerce
  • Resources
    • Bonus Lecture
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