Blues Master - Beginner's Techniques Piano Course

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I know You like Blues. Blues improvisation and Blues riffs charm me as much as they charm you. Not for nothing Blues and Boogie Woogie are the highlights of every performance of Jazz bands. Playing Blues magnificently and improvising suitably is quite difficult. That’s why you need some professional advice and practice. In the «Blues-Master» course you will be able to take all steps to become a Blues musician. After a few classes you can play some simple reefs with bass line. But if you invest all your power and energy to this course you can play like a professional blues musician! All video lessons of the course provide keys with backlight and explanatory slides, so that you can understand the material fully. Media files attached to this course will guide you through software “Synthesia Game” and will drastically improve your skills. Not a single note will be missed, you can repeat any exercise or riff, or even combine both hands playing without notes. Any kind of Blues will be available to you: Slow and Spicy Fast and Dynamic, such as Bebop And of course the Groovy Boogie-Woogie Besides, the course reveals secrets and characteristics of Blues improvisation, cool Blues chords and much more. You can start the course right now! Who is the target audience? If you are new to piano, or have experience, this course fits you. If you are not able to invest 30 minutes to piano daily, then this course is not for you.
  • Начало работы
    • Intro to the course "Blues Master"
    • Basics of Blues Scales
    • Finger placement in Blues Scale
    • "Sliding Down" the keyboard
    • Blues Exercises
    • Left hand: Bass
    • Bass line, professional tricks
    • Bars of Blues
    • Blues Reef
    • F#-G-C Reef
    • Beautiful Reef
    • Beautiful Reef Upgrade!
    • 06:42 Melody with Reef
    • Basic principles of Improvisation
    • Scales in Blues and Boogie-Woogie
    • Overplaying
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