Blockchain Fundamentals

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Blockchain development is considered to be the next big thing after the invention of the internet. In this course, Blockchain Fundamentals, you'll learn the fundamentals of blockchain. First, you'll explore the Ethereum blockchain, smart contract development, DAPP development, and how to create private blockchains. Smart contract development is the basis for a functional blockchain and you'll be using the most community adopted language for this, Solidity. Next, you'll set up the development environment and all pre-requirements from a clean Microsoft Windows image, making the course easy to follow. After learning the basics, you'll create a fully functional sample application. Your sample application is a distributed application that ensures a secure and trustworthy product lifecycle trail for batches of food, using blockchain technology. With the sample application, you'll also learn how to share secrets between collaborating parties in a blockchain. After completing this course, you'll be able to create your own blockchain contracts and distributed applications with a functional development environment that makes you productive for years to come.

  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Introduction
    • Introduction to Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Blockchain Concepts
    • What Is Blockchain?
    • Bitcoin and Blockchain
    • How Does It Work?
    • Hashing
    • The Block
    • Securing Your Data
    • Public vs. Private
    • The Major Offerings
    • Usages for Blockchain
    • Summary
  • Introduction to Ethereum and DAPPS
    • What is Ethereum?
    • The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
    • Distributed Applications (DAPPS)
    • Payment Model - Gas
    • Transactions
    • The Effect of Startgas and Gasprice
    • Ethereum on Microsoft Azure
    • Demo: Azure Account Setup
    • Demo: Ethereum Setup
    • Demo: Ethereum Deployed
    • Summary
  • Setting up the Development Environment
    • Overview
    • Install and Config
    • Summary and Links
  • Understanding Smart Contracts
    • Smart Contracts Basic
    • Truffle and Test RPC
    • Hello World Demo
    • Demo: Deploy and Test
    • Advanced Types
    • Demo: Storage
    • Demo: GETH and Unlock Account
    • Calling External Functions
    • Demo: Calling External Functions
    • Summary
  • Sample Application: FoodSafe
    • Introduction
    • Demo: Truffle Webpack
    • FoodSafe Description
    • Demo: FoodSafe Contract
    • Demo: Compile and Upload Contract
    • Create Contract Function
    • Demo: Load Existing and Read Information
    • Summary
  • Summary and Way Forward
    • Learning Goals Review
    • Way Forward
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atieh mokhtari
atieh mokhtari

this tutorial was a very complete tutorial about blockchain using Etherium to showing demo sections and completely explaining how to implement the library in your own project. it was a good tutorial.

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