Beginners Introduction to Web Development

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I've complied common questions that I get often about web development. Perfect course for learning about web development or as a refresher course for anyone how create web content. This course is not designed to teach you coding but to give you a better overall understanding about how field of web development works. This is a beginners course that overviews how things work and explores top resources. With so many resources, terms technologies options to create online content this course is designed to tie it all together. Learn how to get started with web development, explorer top resources and find out more about how you can effectively create website and web content. Learn how to setup Atomio on your computer to create web code. Learn about domains, browsers, source code, ip addresses, hosting, Wordpress, Content systems, FTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, online playgrounds and more. Do you have questions about getting started with web development, how things work or just want to learn more about what is involved with creating content online. Are you curious how it all works together? This course answers your questions and gives you a starting point for creating content online. Fast paced course provides an overview and a sneak peak into what web development is all about. Taught by an instructor with over 18 years of web development experience, this course is designed to provide answers and have it all in one place. I'm here to help and ready to answer any questions you may have. Who is the target audience? anyone creating web content web developers who are starting out new web designers anyone who wants to launch a website
  • Everything you want to know about web development
    • Introduction to creating web content
    • Introduction to Web development
    • What is code and how does it work
    • Files used by servers to display code
    • Using Editors to help write code
    • Online Editor playgrounds for coding
    • How to use Atom web editor
    • Brackets web editor
    • Advanced webdev options mysql database and php code
    • Get online web hosting FTP
    • setting up a domain name
    • Resources for Web developers
    • Basics of HTML CSS JavaScript
    • No coding required Websites
    • Where to now grow your skills
    • Better Web Design Grow your portfolio
    • Course Conclusion
    • Course Resources
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