Beginner's Guide to Unity

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In this series of Unity tutorials, we'll learn how to use Unity and the basic steps to create a game. To begin, we'll break down what Unity is, what it can do, and what it cannot do. From there, we will examine the parts of a game in Unity and learn how they interact to create a game. Next, we will open a partially-completed project and scene to navigate the Unity interface and Scene view. After that, we will import a model from a 3D application and place it into our level. We will also learn how to transform and edit objects and components to customize our game. Next, we will learn how to run around our game using the two built-in character controllers. From there, will we learn an easy way to create interactions using triggers. We finish off the tutorial by creating a small script to track our player's health and build our game to be run on PC or Mac platforms. Software required: Unity 3.4.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Beginner's Guide to Unity
    • What Is Unity? What Can I Do in Unity?
    • What Are the Pieces of a Game Built in Unity?
    • How Can I Navigate My Scene in Unity and Find Specific Things?
    • How Can I Playtest My Game in Unity?
    • How Can I Bring My Models into Unity and Put Them in My Game?
    • How Can I Move and Edit the Components and Assets in Unity?
    • How Can I Move Around in My Game and Control a Character?
    • How Can I Use the Trigger Scripts to Make My Game Interactive?
    • How Can I Write My Own Scripts to Create Custom Interactions?
    • How Can I Build My Game to Give It to Other People?
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