Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Course

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Learn Chord Theory, Strumming Patterns, Basic Techniques and Progressions (songs!) with this beginner guitar course. Completely new to the guitar? Always wanted to learn but didn't know where to start? Now that you finally got your first guitar (electric or acoustic), it's time to start learning! There is plenty of technique and theory to come, but everyone starts in the same place: some basic chord shapes, strumming patterns, and rhythmic progressions to get them playing. This course will take you through all of that, building your foundation on the guitar by breaking down the simplest aspects of chord theory and teaching you how to take the first four chords you'll learn and put them into a song (AKA "progression"). We'll also look at strumming patterns and other tips to get you playing in no time at all! What You'll Learn... Four Essential Chord Shapes (with print out!) Building Progressions (AKA Writing + Playing Songs) Rhythm Work - Strumming Patterns & Timing In less than 30 minutes, Jared Cattoor will take you through everything you need to start playing guitar. Whether your goal is to become a speed shredding lead guitarist or just to play some simple songs with friends, this course will build the foundation for you to get hands-on in the music world and start learning about technique and theory. Let's get started! Who is the target audience? This course is a primer for beginners! It covers the essentials that every guitarist has to know no matter what genre they wish to play.
  • The Four Chords 2
    • The Four Chords (Download the resource here!)
    • Chords
  • Playing & Writing Songs 2
    • chord Motion (Download the resource here!)
    • Progressions
  • Rhythm 1
    • Rhythm
  • Other Course Recommendations
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