Basic Bone Healing

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Maybe you have broken a bone before and are curious about what happened inside the body while it was healing, or maybe you are studying for a test that covers bone healing in medical school or high school. For anyone in this situation, this course is quick review that covers the structure and function of bones and how they heal. We all know what bone is, but not everyone is aware of all of its functions. It's more than just a support structure that prevents you from looking like a jellyfish! This course will give you a good understanding of what bones do besides just that. Learning bone function and form will prepare you for the rest of this course. For example, the course covers the basic kinds of cells and how they are arranged. In order to take this course, there is only one requirement: that you have bones and know what they are. No invertebrates allowed! Beyond that, everything else is explained. Some grade-school level science and biology would certainly help get you through it too. Nevertheless, it is not just the people new to this subject that can benefit from the course. Doctors and nurses who want a quick refresher can gain from participating as well. This course has a way of speaking to everyone at all levels. Dr. Josh Simon is a Biomedical Engineer specializing in bone tissue engineering and has worked on numerous medical device projects to develop orthopedic devices. As one of his favorite subjects, basic bone healing is taught throughout this course with a lot of passion, a little humor, and a wealth of knowledge.
  • Basic Bone Healing
  • Introduction to Bone Healin

    Just a quick hello and introduction to the course!

  • What are the basic cells and structure of bone?

    This lecture begins with talk of the purposes and functions of bone, some of which you may have never thought about earlier. You will then learn about the different kind of cells involved.

  • Fracture healing - What are primary and secondary bone healing?

    Having received the basics on bone's purpose, cell types, and structure, it is now time to talk about what happens when a bone breaks.

  • Further Studies - Cracking through the surface

    This course has been a tiny look at a vast expanse of science behind how bone heals and the physiology of how it works. In this lecture, you will understand just how far down the path one can go.

  • Quick Quiz - Basic Bone Healing

    See if you remember the gist of what we went over in the lecture and try out the quiz!

  • Suggested Reading

    Interested in learning more about bone healing? There are a number of great sources to further your study. Check out a few here.

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