Baking Texture Maps in Substance Designer

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Whether you are baking maps as part of your pipeline for use in other applications or if you're baking them for use inside a substance you are working on, Substance Designer provides a robust and fast tool-set for baking. This course, Baking Substance Texture Maps in Substance Designer, will touch on each of the available bakers, teaching you how to use them to get good, clean texture maps baked out for your own projects. You'll start out learning how to bake two very common types of texture maps, Ambient Occlusion and Normal maps. From there, you'll continue working through the bakers and take a look at an extremely useful baker that can bake color information from material color or ZBrush polypaint to a low-resolution UV layout. Finally, you'll continue on and learn how to bake curvature maps, height maps, and a number of other specialized map types. After finishing this course, you'll be able to use Substance Designer for all of your baking needs. Software required: Substance Designer 5.3.2.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Baking Texture Maps in Substance Designer
    • Using the Ambient Occlusion Bakers
    • Using the Normal Bakers
    • Using the Color Map from Mesh Baker
    • Using the Convert UV to SVG Baker
    • Using the Curvature Baker
    • Using the Height Map from Mesh Baker
    • Using the Opacity Mask from Mesh Baker
    • Using the Position Baker
    • Using the Thickness Map from Mesh Baker
    • Using the Transferred Texture from Mesh Baker
    • Using the World Space Bakers
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