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About this Course

This course aims to build the complete understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Networking from ground up where students will understand the networking core concepts by doing exercises on their own.

This course contains 2 sections. First section is about Understanding AWS Networking where I have explained starting from very basics the AWS VPC, VPC components and Private connectivity options in AWS . If you are already aware of AWS networking components, then you may want to skip this section and jump directly to hands on exercises section.

1. Understanding AWS Networking in depth

  • Physical on premises networking vs AWS VPC
  • Getting familiar with AWS VPC terminologies - VPC, Subnets, Route tables, Internet Gateway, Security Group, Network ACL
  • Understanding VPC CIDR
  • Understanding Subnets and Route Tables
  • Public Subnet vs Private Subnet
  • Understanding NAT (Network Address Translation) Concept
  • NAT Gateway and NAT instance
  • AWS Private Connectivity options
  • Understanding VPC Peering
  • VPC Endpoint and Privatelink for private connectivity to AWS Services
  • VPN connection
  • Direct Connect

2. AWS VPC Hands on exercises

  • Create VPC with single public subnet, launch EC2 instance and connect over internet
  • Create VPC with Pubic and Private subnet, connect to EC2 instance in Private subnet via EC2 instance in Public subnet
  • Create NAT Gateway and allow EC2 instances in Private subnet to access internet through NAT Gateway
  • Create and use NAT EC2 instance instead of NAT Gateway
  • Create VPC Peering between VPCs across AWS regions and connect to EC2 instance over private IP by using VPC peering connection
  • Create VPC endpoint gateway for S3 and access S3 contents from EC2 instance in Private subnet without requiring internet connection
  • Create and use VPC Private Link to expose your Web service privately to application hosted in another VPC

3. Route53 and Website Hosting

  • Hosting website on S3 using custom domain name from GoDaddy
  • HTTPS website using S3 and CloudFront
  • Implement AWS region level failover using AWS Route53

4. Advanced Networking: VPN Connections

  • Setup Site-To-Site VPN between AWS VPC and simulated on-premise network
  • Setup Site-To-Site VPN between AWS and Google Cloud using BGP dynamic Routing

 Who this course is for:

  • Beginner AWS aspirants, Who are looking for hands on experience on AWS Networking services and components
  • Student's who are looking to understand AWS Networking in depth
  • Student's who want to understand AWS VPC

Basic knowledge

  • Basic familiarity with Cloud Computing technology
  • Good to have some linux experience

What you will learn

  • Networking in AWS - Basic to Advanced Networking concepts by doing hands on exercises
  • Whiteboard sessions to see how various networking components work together
  • Understand how to secure your infrastructure by using appropriate VPC components and firewalls
  • AWS Public and Private Network connectivity options and their implementation
  • In depth understanding of VPC, CIDR, Subnets, Route Tables, Security Groups, NACL, NAT Gateway, NAT Instance, VPC Peering, VPC Endpoint, VPC PrivateLink, VPN connection, Direct Connect, Route53 Failover

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