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About this Course

In Short and Simple Words.. I say....

If you are looking for a platform where you can learn AWS Well with Assured Quality Training, In Simple Easy way along with lots of Practicals, this place is for you.

What you have to do:

Spend 1-2 hours daily for a month, do the practicals as shown and you will be a AWS Guru. This is my promise.

Why you can trust, Because this course has Trust of

  • 7200+ Youtube Subscribers
  • 5000+ family members of Facebook and 2800+ FB Followers

Basic knowledge

  • Basic Computer Knowledge is Enough
  • Conceptual knowledge like Servers, Database, Storage, Network is plus
  • Passion to Learn Cloud Computing or how to manage IT Infrastructure is enough

What you will learn

  • Will get AWS Videos in simple language with Practicals and exam questions for Certification practice of AWS SAA
  • You will be able to manage your IT Infrasture such as Servers, Webstites etc. very easily with cost effective way.
  • Setting up your Virtual Servers like Windows / Linux in easy and effective way
  • Host your websites in AWS Servers with benefit of Load Balancer and Auto Scaling
  • Host your email solutions for your organization or for your company in few clicks
  • Monitor your Servers, Databases, Websites and all other Application Services
  • Setup Word Press Server, LAMP Stack, Active Directory Environmnet in few clicks
  • Setup and attach Databases such as SQL Server, MY SQL, Oracle, Dynamo DB etc...
  • Estimate the Cost of the AWS Services and tentative cost of an Solution
  • Best Practices which we should follow to setup an AWS Infra Setup

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