Ansible Essentials: Simplicity in Automation

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In this this official Red Hat® training course, Michelle Perz, a Senior Support Engineer for Red Hat Training, will teach students will the basics of Ansible and demonstrate the creation of a simple Ansible playbook from start to finish. Ansible is an automation and configuration management technology used to provision, deploy, and manage compute infrastructure across cloud, virtual, and physical environments. After attending this course, students will have a clear understanding of Ansible and the Ansible Way. Through short lectures and demonstrations, topics including ad hoc commands, playbooks, roles, ansible-galaxy and Ansible Tower will be explored.
  • Ansible Essentials
    • Introduction
    • What is Ansible and the Ansible Way?

      Gain a high level overview of Ansible and what differentiates it from other tools.

    • How Ansible Works

      Walk through the Ansible automation engine by discussing each of its key components.

    • Ad-Hoc Commands (and demonstration)

      Examine common Ad-Hoc use cases and demonstrate those against a host in inventory.

    • Introduction to Playbooks (and demonstration)

      Discuss key playbook concepts and build upon our Ad-Hoc demonstration by creating a basic playbook.

    • Introduction to Roles (and demonstration)

      Get introduced the Ansible concept of roles.

    • Creating the Roles Structure with Ansible-Galaxy (and demonstration)

      Utilize the ansible-galaxy command-line options to create our role structure.

    • Breaking an Existing Playbook into a Role (and demonstration)

      Utilize the playbook created in the Introduction to Playbooks chapter and move each component into the corresponding role structure.

    • Creating a New Role (and demonstration)

      Learn how to create new roles using the same techniques as we did with the existing playbook.

    • Utilizing Roles in your Main Playbooks (and demonstration)

      Bring the role chapters together and demonstrate a live run of roles from the main playbook.

    • Overview of Ansible Tower (and demonstration)

      Walk through the key features of Ansible Tower.

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