Alien Concept Design in ZBrush

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In this ZBrush tutorial, we are going to be using ZBrush and Photoshop to flesh out ideas and production techniques to create a sci-fi alien concept. By the end of this ZBrush training, you will have extra tools in your creative process to quickly produce ideas and then take your concept to a final render and produce a professional image. Software required: ZBrush 4R4, Photoshop CS6.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Alien Concept Design in ZBrush
    • Importance of Using and Gathering Reference
    • Concept Exploration
    • Continuing to Explore the Concept
    • Creating Another Concept Bust
    • Using Photoshop to Get Variations
    • Sculpting in the Final Details
    • Adding the Chest Piece
    • Painting Our Concept
    • Posing Our Character for Final Render
    • Compositing and Painting Our Concept
    • Adding Final Touches
    • Overview of Techniques Covered
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