Alexander Technique Introduction

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The course is a simple and basic introductory to the Alexander Technique for anyone who wants to know more about it. The Alexander Technique is most popular amongst performers such as musicians, actors and professionals who would like to enhance performance and reduce, avoid and prevent injury, strain and pain. F.M Alexander's principles are explained and demonstrated in simple everyday language so the viewer/listener can understand how the technique works and can be applied to their lifestyle. 1. The course is about how you can improve your own Posture, Poise, Performance, Breathing and reduce excess muscle tension and pain. 2. Learn a powerful, resourceful, innovative, skill you can use and develop for the rest of your life. 3. Tips and procedures on how to relive pain, improve posture and breathing quickly. 4. Under 1 hour to complete the introduction course. 5. To learn about the laws of natural coordination, poise, performance and pain-prevention. 6. Take this course if you're interested in performing at your best and being resistant to stress, fatigue and bad habits.
  • Alexander Technique Introduction
    • Introductory overview

      This lecture introduces the course, facilitator and introduces Alexander's main principle or law. For more information or skype lessons contact me through my website:

    • F.M. Alexander's Story and his discovery.

      In this first Lecture I will explain F.M Alexander's story and what he discovered. Paying close attention to F.M Alexander's story will help you understand his technique faster and how deceptively simple and profound it can be. CAUTION: It is recommend to have one-to-one lessons with a qualified teacher along with this course for thorough understanding of the Alexander Technique.

    • Primary control - The important relationship of the head to spine in activity.

      In this lecture Alexander's term of Primary control will be explained and demonstrated.

    • Faulty Sensory Awareness - Faulty kinesthetic perception

      Faulty Sensory Awareness and debauched kinaesthesia/proprioception will be explained with graphic examples and demonstration.

    • Inhibition - Stopping unnecessary tension and reactions

      Stopping or changing an automatic or unconscious response to a stimulus is explained in this lecture.

    • Directions - Giving yourself conscious orders

      How to give yourself conscious directions is explained in this lecture. Alexander directions are used to release unnecessary muscle tension, alleviate strain and refine your coordination.

    • End-gaining - The force of habit

      The detrimental habit of End-gaining is explained in this lecture. End-gaining is trying to achieve something without paying proper attention to the means-whereby of how you achieve it.

    • Tips to implement - Semi-supine and Whispered Ah

      In this lecture two Alexander Technique procedures are given to help you start improving your Posture, Poise and Performance and help alleviate back-pain. Alexander recommended practicing these to help keep yourself in good condition.

    • Car seats, Chairs and sitting - Tips to implement

      In this lecture I will give you practical tips on how to sit more comfortably without strain and tension while driving or sitting on chairs and show you how you can achieve and maintain this for yourself.

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