Airplane Crosswind Landings

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This course is laid out in three parts, Text, Video, and Quiz. You will read about how to make proper approaches and landings with crosswinds, then watch a short video inside of each section, At the end of the three sections, you will watch a slightly longer video putting it all together, then take a short quiz. The videos not only shows how to use the controls to maneuver the aircraft, but also talks you through how to properly plan out your approach and landing, as well as getting set up for takeoff. The approximate course time is 30-45mins. What are the requirements? Students should have a basic understanding of the parts and controls of a small aircraft (elevator, ailerons, rudder, etc) What am I going to get from this course? Understand how to control the aircraft during takeoff, approach, and landing with crosswinds. What is the target audience? Anyone who ever wondered how airplanes can land with the wind blowing sideways. Perfect for student pilots.
  • Intro To Crosswind Landings
    • Intro To Crosswind Landings

      Begin the course here and see what you will be covering over the next 30-45mins.

    • Takeoff

      In this lecture we will discuss what it takes to complete a crosswind takeoff with proper control corrections.

    • Approach

      In this lecture we will look at the moment just after the wheels leave the ground, until the aircraft comes back around in the pattern and crosses the runway threshold. At the end of this lecture you will have seen how the wind affects the aircraft in all phases of flight around the traffic pattern.

    • Landing

      In this lecture we will look at how to transition from a crab to side slip or "wing low method" of landing a light aircraft in heavy crosswinds. At the end of this lecture you will have seen the different control inputs required to maintain stability as the aircraft looses speed just before touchdown, and how to control the aircraft on the landing roll out.

    • Putting It All Together

      This lecture contains a video that helps put all phases of flight together to show you several crosswind take offs, approaches, and landings. You will also hear some helpful tips in addition to the topics already discussed.

  • Quiz
    • PHAK
    • Crosswind Landings - Question

      Choose the answer you feel is "most correct", these are questions similar to what you will find on the written exam for private and commercial pilots.

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