AEM Authoring Fundamentals

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Discover how you can use Adobe Experience Manager to create rich responsive web experiences quickly and how to manage the content of your web experiences. In this course, AEM Authoring Fundamentals, you will first learn how to install and get started with an AEM Instance. Then, learn all there is to know about the AEM Touch UI, authoring in AEM, and finally how to manage and publish pages in AEM. By the end of this course, you'll have a strong fundamental knowledge of the AEM authoring experience. Software Required: Adobe Experience Manager.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Getting Started with AEM
    • What Is AEM?
    • Installing the Author Instance
    • Installing the Publish Instance
    • Starting an AEM Instance
  • Introducing Touch UI
    • Touch UI Overview
    • Upper Header Bar
    • Parent Hierarchy and View Switcher
    • Actions Bar, Create Button, and Left Rail
    • Consoles of Touch UI
    • Page Toolbar
    • Content Frame
    • Install We.Retail
  • Basic Authoring Skills
    • Authoring Terminology
    • Creating Pages
    • Editing Pages
    • Understanding Responsive Pages
    • Authoring Responsive Pages
    • Layout Container Options
    • Working with Page Properties
    • Bulk Editing Page Properties
    • Managing Digital Assets
  • Site Management and Publishing
    • Organizing Site Structure
    • Versioning Pages
    • Tagging Pages
    • Annotating Pages
    • Locking Pages and Workflows
    • Publishing Pages
    • Summary
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