Advanced Shopify Course For Building a Professional Store

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In This Course of "Advanced Shopify Course" Through Shopify, you will be able to start Building your E Commerce website in a couple of hours more confidently . we will cover at this course, all of main topics for E-commerce store  from A to Z to allows you to get the professionla knowledge in Shopify Platform. We will discuss and explain how to create Categories and Menu`s at Shopify Store, how to add and edit Products through Shopify Store, how to choose a great looking for your store by adding Themes also you will learn how to customize your Theme, how to set up Domain Name of your Store, how to set up Shipping and Tax rates, also we will discuss how to set up Payments with all of Payment Options at Shopify. Who is the target audience? Anyone wants to work With E Commerce Everybody Wants to earn at least 1000$ monthly Take this course if you're ready to work hard to build your Shopify website Take this course if you've decided shopify is the right ecommerce website platform for you Don't take this course if you cannot take photos, write sales copy, or don't have a basic comfort with online tools
  • Overview of Advanced Shopify Course
    • Overview
  • Install and Setup Shopify Store
    • Install Shopify Store
  • Shopify Store Basics
  • Manage Products and Inventory
    • Manage and Customize Theme Part1
    • Manage and Customize Theme Part2
    • Manage and Customize Theme Part3
    • Manage and Customize Theme Part4
    • Manage and Customize Blog Posts at Shopify store
    • Manage and Customize Pages at Shopify
    • Manage and Customize Navigation at Shopify
    • Manage and Customize Domains at Shopify
    • Manage and Customize Preferences at Shopify
  • Manage and Customize Customers at Shopify Store
    • Manage and Customize Customers
  • Manage and Customize Reports at Shopify Store
    • Manage and Customize Reports Part 1
    • Manage and Customize Reports Part 2
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