Advanced Javascript

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In only three hours you will learn enough javascript to transform from a junior javascript developer into a senior javascript guru.

You will dramatically improve your chances of getting past a technical interview, landing that dream job and earning more money.

If you are like me you learnt Javascript by just muddling along, seeing what works and learning a thing or two everyday.

However without a grasp of the deeper fundamentals you will hit quite a few head scratch-y issues, introduce bugs, find it hard to read and understand framework and library code and won’t be considered a senior developer.

This unique course teaches you advanced javascript knowledge through a series of 20 interview questions, with regular quiz's on the way through to cement your knowledge.

***This course covers ES5 version of javascript, the only officially supported version in all browsers***

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • How to edit and run code in Chrome?
  • Basics
    • What is "use strict" and what does it do?
    • Does javascript pass variables by reference or by value?
    • Quizz 1
  • Types & Equality
    • What are the different types in javascript?
    • What is the difference between == and ===?
    • What is NaN and how can we check for it?
    • Quiz 2
  • Scopes
    • What are the different scopes in javascript?
    • What is variable hoisting?
    • What is the scope chain?
    • What is an IIFE and why might you use it?
    • What are function closures?
    • Quizz 3
    • Quick Question
  • Object Orientation
    • What does the this keyword mean?
    • What do the functions call, bind and apply do?
    • What is the prototype chain?
    • What is the difference between prototypal and classical inheritance?
    • Quiz 4
    • What is the Constructor OO pattern? (part 1)
    • What is the Constructor OO pattern? (part 2)
    • What is the Prototype OO pattern?
    • Quiz 5
  • Networking
    • What is CORS?

    • What is JSONP?
    • Quiz 6
  • Events
    • What is the difference between event capturing and bubbling?
    • What is the difference between stopPropagation and preventDefault?
    • Quiz 7
  • Bonus
    • Topic Request Form
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