A-Z Guide to Mastering Spanish Pronunciation For Beginners

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Ever wanted to learn how to speak like a native and reduce your gringo accent? Then this is the course for you! Master the basic essentials with a thorough breakdown on all the major foundations of pronunciation: Spanglish- The Spanish you already speak every day! Golden Vowels- Learn to correctly pronounce all 5 vowels (A, E, I, O, & U) Consonants- Reduce your accent by learning how to pronounce the general consonants like Spanish natives do Double Trouble- Don't let these words with two pronunciation confuse you! Learn when and how to use certain sounds with these letters. Unique Consonants- Learn to handle the trickiest words that trip up most beginners, including the dreaded R! Diphthongs- Vowel combinations produce their own unique sounds, learn to overcome the top 13 diphthongs Word Stress- Last but not least, learn to enunciate Spanish words just like native speakers, learning the 3 basic rules for stress. Each of these modules is designed to teach you the fundamentals of pronunciations through sounds and English equivalents. To aid you in your study, I have also provided various learning materials and tools including: Flashcards - printable pdfs for practice and to aid memory Audio - download to review and learn on the go Mini quiz - review what you’ve learned Once you have completed my course you will be able to use the skills you have learned in real-life applications, whether for school, work, or travel. You will be well equipped to pronounce Spanish with confidence and ease. You will leave with a solid foundation to continue your studies and excel in the Spanish language. So what are you waiting for!? Click enroll and begin your path of Spanish learning today! Who is the target audience? Beginners who want to learn the basic building blocks and foundations of correct Spanish pronuncation
  • Introduction
    • Welcome! Course and Teacher Introduction
    • The Importance Of Speaking Spanish
    • How To Use This Course & Leverage It For Success
  • Spanglish: The Spanish You Already Speak
    • Spanglish Lecture
    • Spanglish Practice Exercises
    • Flashcards & Audio For Spanglish
  • The 5 Golden Vowels
    • A Tip For Vowels
    • Golden Vowels Lecture
    • Golden Vowels Practice Exercises
    • Flashcards & Audio For Golden Vowels
    • Review Quiz - Golden Vowels
  • The Consonants: An Overview
    • Consonants Overview Lecture
    • Consonants Practice Exercises
    • Flashcards & Audio For Consonants
    • Review Quiz - Consonants
  • Double Trouble: Consonants With Two Sounds
    • Double Trouble Lecture
    • Double Trouble Practice Exercises
    • Flashcards and Audio For Double Trouble
    • Review Quiz - Double Trouble
  • The Unique Consonants: Tricky and Odd Consonant Sounds
    • Unique Consonants Lecture
    • Rolling your R's
    • Unique Consonants Practice Exercises
    • Flashcards & Audio For Special Consonants
  • Diphthongs: An Overview
    • What are Diphthongs?
    • Silent U in que/qui & gue/qui
    • Diphthongs Overview Lecture
    • Diphthongs Practice Exercises
    • Flashcards and Audio for Diphthongs
  • Word Stress and Accent Marks
    • What is Word Stress?
    • The 3 Rules for Spanish Word Stress
    • Word Stress Practice Exercises
    • Review Quiz- Word Stress
  • Bonus Section
    • A Great Tool to Perfect Your Pronunciation
    • Pronunciation FAQ- Difficult Words to Pronounce
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