A Practical Guide To Database Design And Access SQL

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In this course you will design and develop normalized tables, analyse table designs to avoid redundancy and anomalies, write SQL statements to extract and manipulate requests and resolve many inherent problems associated with poor database design. As you develop these skills, you will be exposed to LucidArt for diagramming ERD's; querySQL and QBE programming, to execute query statements;  MS Access Workbench, for implementing business solutions.

Who this course is for:

  • IT staff and business employees who would like an understanding of how to organize, access and report data effectively and efficiently

Basic knowledge

  • An interest in computer information systems. Copy of MS Access 2016 software is optional


What will you learn

  • Build relational database solutions for home and business, including lots of practical examples, "best practice" guidelines, Access SQL design and implementation, templates that work

To continue : 

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