A Complete WordPress Website launch Checklist For Your Big Day

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The time to unveil your website has finally arrived. You have spent many months preparing for your site and the exhaustive part is over. Here’s a final step, a small website launch checklist to make sure you didn’t forget anything last minute.

We have divided these 23 points into 7 broad categories:

I. Security

II. Analytics

III. Site Performance

IV. Legal

V. Design

VI. Branding

VII. Content and SEO

Once you complete every task on this website launch checklist your website will be ready to launch. But before that, you will have to spread the message about this big day.

Send emails about your website to your friends, colleagues, and relatives. You can also ask them to follow your social media accounts and help you share links of your website pages.

Also, try to reach out to famous influencers and bloggers from your industry. If you have an interesting website and products, they might be interested in promoting you.

If in case you need any extra help, reach out to our WordPress experts.

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