7 Ways A Beginner Guitarist Can Sound Better, Instantly!

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Hello internet friend! This is a quick, fun, highly-effective course that shares powerful techniques that can transform your guitar playing. You'll stop being a frustrated beginner and become someone who can create MUSIC! NOTE: This is not a complete 'learn guitar from scratch' course. This is a simple course to share 7 powerful techniques with you. That's all. Please don't give me a poor review because you didn't learn EVERYTHING about guitar in this quick, short, course!! :-) This course is short & sweet but it's PACKED with value. You'll learn the absolute best tips to quickly boost your musicality. No fluff and no waffle. This is a concise course that values your time and tells you what you need to know with the minimum amount of fuss. Let's get started! The course consists of seven HD video lessons from Mike Kennedy, the founder of the National Guitar Academy (www.nationalguitaracademy.com). Who is the target audience? This course is meant for guitar beginners who aren't progressing as quickly as they'd like. This course is not for you if you're already a competent guitarist.
  • Let's Get Started!
    • Make Things Instantly Sound Better (& Become Easier) With Wise String Choice
    • Harness The Power Of Root Notes
    • The All-Conquering Importance Of Posture
    • Split The 6 Strings Into 3 'Groups' To Sound More Musical
    • Learn To Use Springboards, They Rock!
    • Tune Up Every Time. Stay In Tune. This is not optional! :)
    • Use Stepping-Stone Chords To Accelerate Your Progress
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