3ds Max UV Mapping Fundamentals

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When looking to move an asset from the modeling phase of a pipeline to texturing, there is an important step that must be taken so textures can be created for the asset: a UV layout must be created. This process of unwrapping a 3D object into 2D space has been around for quite some time but is still widely used in several industries. In this course, 3ds Max UV Mapping Fundamentals, you'll get up to speed and productive in no time when it comes to laying out UVs in 3ds Max. First, you'll start by learning about several different forms of projection that can be used as a starting point in the creation of UVs. Next, you'll explore how to start to combine different forms of projection for more complex shapes. Then, you'll learn about some things you need to be looking for, including distortion, overlapping of UVs, and UV scaling. You'll discover how to create a UV layout from start to finish for our knight asset. Finally, you'll walk through each piece of the model, tackling problems and tough areas together. After completing this course, you'll be ready to start creating UV layouts for your own assets in 3ds Max. Required Software: 3ds Max 2017
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Core Terminology and Concepts
    • What are UVs?
    • Basic Terminology
    • Basic Concepts
  • Selections and Projections
    • Making Selections
    • Planar Mapping
    • Cylindrical Mapping
    • Spherical Mapping
    • Box Mapping
    • Mixing Projections
  • UV Editor Basics
    • Breaking Down the Interface
    • Quick Transform Tools
    • Brush Tools
    • Reshape Elements Tools
    • Stitch Tools
    • Explode Tools
    • Peel Tools
    • Arrange Elements and Elements Properties
  • Knowledge Application
    • Unwrapping the Sword
    • Unwrapping the Helmet Crest
    • Finishing the Helmet Crest
    • Unwrapping the Helmet
    • Unwrapping the Visor
    • Unwrapping the Tunic
    • Unwrapping the Belt
    • Unwrapping the Hands
    • Unwrapping the Feet
    • Packing the UVS
    • Rendering UVW Templates
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