10th G. SV UNIT 1: Meeting Salvadoran Personalities

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This course is going to be about Unit 1 Meeting Slavadoran Personalities. The course will provide you all the content that are in the 10th grade program for English. The contents that you going to practice here are: Making Appointments: expression use for make appointments with friends, workmates, and others. Commonly used questions for personal interviews: here you can practice how to have a personal interview and a job interview with audio and video materials. Biographies of Salvadoran personalities: here you will find biographies of important personalities in the history of El Salvador. Also you can listen the most important things that they did and you will answer some questions about these. Persanal goals: you will find a letter of someone telling his or her personal goals in video materials. The course has video materials, documents PDF with information that gonna be really useful for you and also you can practice with some quizzes in order to get knowledge about this unit Who is the target audience? This course is for students of 10th grade (highschool) that have previous knowledge about English. At least you need to know basic english to take this course.
  • Expressions to Make Appointmentes
    • Introducción
    • Making Apointments
    • Expressions to Make Appointments
    • Making an appointment
  • Commonly used questions for personal interviews
    • Personal interview
    • Past simple
    • Present perfect tense
    • Past Simple & Present Perfect
  • Biographies of Salvadoran Personalities
    • Claudia Lars' biography
    • Alberto Masferrer's biography
    • Oscar Arnulfo Romero's biography
    • Biographies of Salvadoran Personalities
    • Describing People's Personalities
    • 02:58 Describing personalities
  • Personal Goals
  • Past Simple and Present Perfect tense
    • Simple Past vs Present perfect
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