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About descript

About Descript

Descript launched in December 2017, as a spin-off of Detour. You can read about that here. Descript is a team of 8 based in San Francisco, run by Andrew Mason, former founder/CEO of Groupon.

Jobs: Help invent the future of media creation.

Most audio and video content is driven by talk. Media creation software, however, treats speech as an afterthought.

At Descript, we're using the latest technologies to reinvent audio and video production for voice, making it easier for newcomers, faster for professionals, and enabling new forms of AI-powered media creation that are just beginning to emerge.

Writers have the ideal creative tool in the word processor. Learning to use it occupies a brief moment in a career otherwise dedicated to refining one's craft. We want Descript to bring that same dynamic to audio and video production; where your output is measured by your ability to express a creative vision, not the proficiency with which you can wrestle your tools into submission.

A few things you might want to know about working here:

  • There are 8 of us: four engineers, CEO/product manager, office manager, designer, and a product specialist/community manager.
  • We've raised $5M from Andreessen Horowitz.
  • Our office is at 385 Grove Street in San Francisco's Hayes Valley neighborhood.
  • Benefits include a generous healthcare package, catered lunches, unlimited vacation time, equity, and a generous supply of a few healthy snacks.

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