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About Big Data University

Our mission

Big Data University logoBig Data University is an IBM initiative to spread big data literacy. We believe that “skills” is the path to prosperity, dignity and justice. Because skills are so vital, access to education is a right not a privilege.

Our mission at Big Data University is to democratize access to practical skills for working with data. To do so we need to remove two big impediments: money and time. To that end, we made everything that you need to learn free. Free courses, free access to all the tools, free data – free everything and not for a few days or weeks – forever.

Big Data University follows the “learn any time” delivery model. You can take as long as you need to complete these courses. Whether you are in between jobs or have school, two jobs and a young baby, you can learn a new skill. And you can learn anywhere. We call it @Your Pace, @Your Place education.

Benefits to you

Students who complete a course and successfully pass all of the tests receive a Certificate of Completion.

For several courses we are issuing IBM Open Digital Badges that can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile, your site, other social media sites, or even in your email signature. In short, you’ll have proof of your achievement in addition to gaining practical skill and self confidence.

Please note that Big Data University is not an accredited institution (i.e., we do not award degrees).

International presence

To date we have three versions of Big Data University, to better address the needs of our world wide audience:

  1. the site you are visiting right now, aimed at the world at large. It primarily provides courses in English, but does have some courses in Japanese, Spanish and Russian.
  2. launched at the end of July 2015 for students in Brazil. It offers courses in Portuguese (so also handy for students from Portugal ).
  3. launched at the end of August 2015 for students in China. It offers courses in Mandarin. The site and all of the course material are hosted in China.

UN partnership

Recently we partnered with the United Nations to help them achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that were adapted by all of the member states on September 27, 2015 at the UN General Assembly in New York. Our commitment to this partnership is to educate one million people on the Sustainable Development Goals and help UN achieve these goal by leveraging data analytics.

Join us

Now that you’ve learned more about Big Data University, consider registering for free and start taking courses of your choosing today.

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