Tomlin Leckie

Who am I? My name is Tomlin Leckie and I grew up in a number of places including Argentina, England and France. I currently live in Scotland where I play and teach music full-time. How I started playing harmonica Back in 2005 I was embarking on a career as a guitarist in France when I got tendinitis in both wrists which meant I had to stop playing altogether for 6 months. This led to me picking up a harmonica through desperation to keep playing something musical. I did discover that I liked it. I now split my time between playing and teaching guitar and harmonica. Problems I had when learning the instrument The 1st problem learning the instruments was there being no harmonica teachers around. However, this wasn't a massive issue for me as I had already taught myself to play guitar and I am pretty pigheaded. I started completely devouring every Adam Gussow video on youTube. He pretty much taught me everything I needed to get started. Another issue coming from guitar was that I wanted to be able to play guitar phrases on harmonica. However, I discovered that the harmonica is a diatonic instrument while the guitar as chromatic instrument. This means that there are loads of notes missing from the harmonica. Or so I believed… I discover that there were ways to play all those extra notes by learning advanced bending and overblow techniques which I still spend a lot of time working on now. Customising the instrument was something that I became very interested in very early on as I realised that it was something that was essential to play all the techniques I wanted to play. My Lessons I teach individuals and group lessons at my studio in Edinburgh as well as privately over Skype. Gear I Use I am very proud to say that I endorse Suzuki harmonicas and am particularly taken with the Suzuki Manji. For me, it does everything I want it to do out-of-the-box. I can play all those pesky overblows no problem. Click here to find out more.

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