Tara Bradley Williams

I learned early in my life that I want to spend my days doing something I love. I discovered a love of the Spanish language in college when I studied abroad in Spain and since then, have built my life - not just my career - around sharing my passion and breaking down the communication barrier. In 2002, I co-founded Pronto Spanish Services with my husband. Together, we created experiences and products that would improve language learning. It has morphed tremendously over the years. Pronto Spanish started out by providing Spanish Weekend Immersions and weekday conversational classes in Madison, WI. As we developed our own materials for these weekend immersions and courses, we then started to package them into the ¡A Conversar! series. The more I taught adult students, the more I realized the need for occupational Spanish. Most adults were not coming simply to learn Spanish for the sake of learning Spanish. Rather, they were coming for a specific purpose and mostly, it was work-related. So I developed courses and materials specifically for the workplace, such as Spanish for Educators, Spanish for Medical Professionals, Spanish for Constructor Workers, etc. Almost 10 years ago, our conversational and occupational Spanish courses moved all online and we have continued to grow partnering with several leading online providers. Much of my time, however, is still in the classroom. I continue to teach Spanish and ELL (English Language Learners) in the K-12 public school classroom as I just enjoy the students and using my Spanish - the one passion that always grounds me.

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