Susan Gast

About Susan Gast: Born in Northern England, Susan emigrated to Florida with her parents back in 1980. She is married to a great guy, Alan, and together they adopted a fabulous Miniature Pinscher who pretty much runs the household and keeps them in check. When she's not at the PC typing her heart out and getting cross-eyed, you can find her enjoying the sunshine and strolling the sandy beaches along Florida's Treasure Coast. Her Courses: Food Dehydrating Made Easy! Would you like to learn the ins and outs of food dehydrating and make sure your food pantry is fully-stocked year 'round - ? Would you like to have peace of mind as to where your next meal is coming from if and when a national disaster strikes, be it weather-related or man-made? If so, you're at the right place! Susan has been involved in the food dehydrating industry since 2010 and has authored three books on the topic of food dehydrating... so you're in "good hands." She looks forward to sharing her knowledge of food dehydrating with you and making sure you and your family are well-fed - especially during tough times. Cinemagraphs the Easy Way - Create Superb 'Living Photos'! Food dehydrating isn't her only interest though. Susan thought it was time to share her knowledge of how to create affordable Cinemagraphs. Not only are they effective at procuring clicks on your favorite social site posts, they're lots of fun to make! Cinemagraph Short Cut by Susan Gast This is my first FREE course and it's a lite version of the above Cinemagraphs the Easy Way - Create Superb 'Living Photos'. Reading and Writing Susan loves to read and write and she also offers affordable proofreading services to fellow course instructors at reduced rates. You can reach Susan by private messaging her by clicking on her profile photo. And in her downtime? Susan loves learning from you guys and gals and enjoys taking YOUR Udemy courses! Keep 'em coming!
Number Of Tutorials Created By Susan Gast : 3