Sean Spitzer

Sean has been in the games industry for 18 years working in both console and social gaming verticals. He has an extensive background in education teaching game art and design related topics at both the Academy of Art University and The Art Institute of California. He holds an art Bachelor’s from SJSU, and an MFA in Fine Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of California, San Francisco. During his time in the Games Industry he has worked within and alongside companies such as Sony Entertainment, Interplay, Infogames, Zynga, Shiny Entertainment, iWin, and Gazillion. His credits and experience encompasses titles like Run Like Hell, Enter the Matrix, Tribal Rivals, Yo-ville, Family Feud, and Wheel of Fortune as well as others. Over the last 8 years he has focused on servicing the social gaming industry, and has built a deep knowledgebase of different art methodologies and pipelines. Sean’s experience includes TV production and the development of animation content. He has worked with the Academy Award Nominated studio, Bold Studios on interactive TV, and animated children’s TV projects in Europe.

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