Roman Pearl

Born and raised in Hawaii I enjoy the out doors, beautiful beaches, and spending quality time with those I care about the most. I am an entrepreneur that believes in helping as many people as can for as long as I can. I am 27 years old with a purpose to influence the world to do good through mass media. I truly believe that no one makes its alone so I started a consulting company We Achieve Dreams Inc. we are dedicated to help people achieve the excellent life in Health, Wealth, Love, and Fulfillment. I have put together the Dating Accelorator to help people create a large amount of change in the short amount of time when it comes to properly asking someone on a date. After years of failing and wondering why I could never get and keep a good woman in my I life I made it priority to gain the skills, attitude, and the mind set to succeed. After 3 years of learned knowledge and activity knowledge I have developed a simple proven system to create a postive dating experience for anyone who is willing to take the information that they recieved and actually test it out for themselves and gain experiences.  

Number Of Tutorials Created By Roman Pearl : 1