Rick Haaland

Graduating from a technical college after one full year of study, Rick obtained a B+ average in the study of: Electronics, telephony and computer repair. Rick has worked with companies such as: IBM, Microsoft, HP, Toshiba, AST and other high tech companies as a computer technician as well as a printer, plotter, server, network and hardware break/fix specialist for 6 years. After the 'dot com' bust a few years ago, Rick was invited to work for one of the largest technically based computer, printer and software support companies in North America where he won multiple awards for work in the 'training and development' departments. Rick has, for the most part been disappointed with the present day 'social media' platforms because they can be either 'disconnected' from the user because its too difficult to learn, or doesn't give the best value when you use them. He decided that, for social media to truly work, it must have a collective platform all its own, so he created the 'Interactive Digital Magazine' concept for business owners of any size.

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