Pavol Almasi

I am a professional computer programmer for a national insurance company. I am versed in variety of programming languages, technologies, and frameworks. Currently using mostly SQL and .Net. I have a Bachelor's Degree from City University of Seattle, majoring in Business Administration. I first came in contact with programming back in the good 'ol days of Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic for Applications. Manipulating Access databasea was so much fun! I moved onto Web development in early 2000's, using HTML and CSS, later added PHP. It was then when I realized I really enjoyed the coding of the back end much more than the design part...and that joy of coding stayed with me ever since. I LOVE coding, and I LOVE doing exercises and projects in my free time. I am hoping my course(s) help you to better understand the programming principles and give you a good starting point for your further adventure in computer programming,

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