Orna Pizanty

My name is Orna Pizanty, and it’s already been 20 years that I have worked as a highly experienced Physiotherapist and as a Feldenkrais teacher. I am also a specialist in teaching people how to release their back originated pains by themselves, by decreasing and even eliminating the pain from moment to moment. This is done painlessly without any stretching, exertion, or dependence on anyone or anything else. 20 years ago I also suffered from strong attacks of backpain that continued for a whole year. Furthermore, I have two herniateded discs in my lower back, and I too experienced the orthopedic doctors’ visits, medication and Physiotherapist treatment. All that really didn’t make any significant difference to the situation with my back. I stayed with the same pain until I discovered the Feldenkrais method and within two months my pains disappeared. Today, 20 years after that time, I am completely released from the pain, and so can you be! The method that I have developed, thanks to the treatment for my personal pain, can release your pain that stems from the rounded upper back syndrome, from scoliosis, from degenerative changes, from herniated discs, from car accidents, from inflammation of the joints, and from endless sources of other neorological and orthopedical problems. My vision & passion is to teach thousands of people worldwide how to permanently release their pains easily, effectively and most importantly - by themselves.

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