Neil O'Nova

Hi, I'm Neil, the founder of Better-Looking Guy, Stronger+Leaner, and 7MinuteSkinnyJeans. My videos will help you look and feel your best in every way possible: from clearing your skin and framing your face to shedding fat and sculpting a more lean, healthy physique. If there's one thing I learned from losing over forty pounds of fat and dramatically improving the way I look, it's that transforming your appearance is the best first step you can take to transforming every other area of your life, too. No matter what you want to create in your life--whether it's wealth, love, fame, or anything in between--I believe you should always start by losing weight and improving the way you look. And there are a lot of good reasons why: * You'll discover a newfound confidence in yourself that will motivate you to reach for more ambitious goals * You'll get more respect and attention from other people (especially the opposite sex) * You'll have more physical energy to tackle new projects and challenges * You'll have a sharper mental focus and less "brain fog" * You'll live longer, sleep better, and feel like a million bucks If you'd love to experience those benefits in your life, browse through my courses on Udemy or check me out directly on my website at StrongerLeaner.

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