Jon Acosta

Over the last decade, Jon Acosta has been capturing and orchestrating visual stories on camera in just about every spectrum of the production industry (including industrial, creative, television, etc). Acosta’s passion for evoking emotion into a room full of strangers began at the age of 12. He spent his earlier years interning for a successful post-production studio in Atlanta, GA, teaching Final Cut Pro at Apple Inc as a certified software trainer, and managing his own production company between Atlanta, GA and San Francisco, California. These days Acosta is best known as a digital media consultant and mentor for some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. He is also co-founder and product manager of Woowave DreamSync, a software designed to synchronize audio and video without the need for timecode. Acosta’s passions include “Devising clever technology that evolves the dynamics of storytelling” and “Tech automation to make life less busy and more awesome.”

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