Jerry Banfield

My mission is to spread love, faith, and inspiration to the people of the world. I foresee a world where everyone knows how to live a great life. I am working to make this possible by growing my online advertising business.

If you are the kind of person that challenges the status quo and thinks everyone should have the chance to earn a living for their family, then you understand why my company exists. I have a dream that one day everyone in the world will be able to contribute to society by doing work online. I see people of every nationality, age, race, gender, and religion able to cooperate online in building what we need to make a better world. I see people in every part of the planet that have the will to work and learn being able to feed their family. To make my dream a reality, two years ago I created my company and began taking one step at a time towards making my dreams come true. The first step I took was to learn online advertising to build my own reputation online. The second step I am taking now is to provide information and services to people wanting to promote themselves more effectively online.

I am blessed to have a wonderful wife that is living her dreams as a staff attorney, two rescue labs that love me every day, and a family that has supported me in the best and worst of times. I have my masters from the University of South Florida, my bachelor's degree from the University of South Carolina, and three years of work in state law enforcement. In July I published my first book on video game addiction and am writing several more books. The most random activity I have done is drive a school bus in a correctional facility and I will not miss the fights on that bus.

What can you count on me to help you with?

1. Digital marketing.

2. Online advertising.

3. Online project management.

4. Google AdWords.

5. Ads on Facebook.

6. LinkedIn ads.

7. Mobile media buys and PPC ads.

8. Twitter ads.

9. Affiliate program promotion methods.

10. Creating a digital marketing plan.

11. Increasing online store sales.

12. Increasing Google and YouTube search rankings.

13. How to get social media marketing business growth.

14. How to communicate effectively with foreign business clients.

15. How to work with an agency in another country.

16. How to hire a team quickly and effectively on oDesk.

17. Methods for completing and outsourcing online research effectively.

18. Advanced topics on Facebook advertising account management.

19. Help with starting and growing an online advertising business.

20. Creating and executing a step by step plan to having a world class Facebook page.

21. Information for generating B2B direct outbound sales with social media.

22. Evaluation of existing websites and businesses for purchase or sale.

23. Monetizing Facebook fans and pages.

24. Lowering your cost per conversion with paid ads and sponsored content.

25. Setting up your Google AdWords and Facebook ads.

26. Creating a call to action that drives sales.

27. Making successful Facebook squeeze pages and landing pages on websites.

28. Places you should try promoting your business to get more sales.

29. Ways you can obtain and benefit from global clients with your existing online business.

30. How to build the largest Facebook page in the world.

31. Using social media to deal with the injury or death of a loved one.

32. Improving conversions on your business website.

33. Improving and receiving more positive reviews on your business website.

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