James Bos

Hello, my name is James Bos. I am unlike most Udemy teachers because most of my courses focus on topics that are not taught in the universities or even in the mainstream. I have no credentials to speak of (other than real-world success) and I pride myself on this fact. My YouTube channel 'PLUCS - Open Your Mind' receives over 35,000 views and 180,000 minutes of watch time per month because I have an insatiable curiosity when it comes to knowledge, personal growth, and self-directed learning. It contains hundreds of hours of free educational content for world at large. However, what you will find in my courses are focused and field tested techniques for achieving success as an autodidact (i.e. a self-taught person). They are deliberately short in order to remain as practical and actionable as possible so you can learn at the fastest pace that I can teach. I welcome and invite you to join me on this journey not only as student, but also as a fellow traveler who is eager to walk down the path of powerful knowledge that has intentionally or unintentionally been ignored by mainstream, institutional education. Let the adventure begin. - James Bos Maverick autodidact and explorer of secret knowledge.

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