Hunter Leaman

Innovation defines my thought process. I am a creative thinker with the habits of a true businessman and entrepreneur. Everything is art — whether I am creating beautiful user interfaces, structuring projects and spreadsheets, or making the best PB&J possible. I believe that personal artistic expression breathes life into everything we do, but that it must also serve a purpose.

As an entrepreneur, my motto is “Always think big, and then start small." My goal as a professional is to help others achieve their dreams by doing exactly that. With this in mind, I have merged my love of developing mobile apps and websites with teaching others how to develop their dreams step by step.

Most recently, I founded LX Labs — an idea development and project management company focused on helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. In an industry where everything is constantly evolving, the Ionic framework is the perfect tool for rapid prototyping mobile apps — a necessity in idea development. Our goal at LX Labs is to help those who don't know where to get started by showing them how to start small and work their way towards their goal.

As a businessman and project manager, I strive to combine my personal interests and hobbies with my career path. I believe that doing so is what makes you a successful entrepreneur. In addition to teaching and working with entrepreneurs, I develop and publish apps and websites, allowing me to explore my passion for web and tech development.

Some of my recent projects include:

stockMarketApp — Built from the ground up using Ionic and AngularJS, this app allows you to search and follow stocks, get key market data, and more.

Such link. wow. — A doge themed URL shortener that has served over 400,000 clicks and shortened over 20,000 URLs since its launch in May.

partycircles | Music Visualizer App — This app was developed as a personal project to deliver on an idea that I had in college. As you play music, colorful shapes appear and react to the audio data. You can choose from a selection of scenes and adjust the trigger threshold to customize how each scene reacts to the audio.

Deriving from the code base of partycircles, I developed iOS Music Library Access, a program which allows Unity3d developers to give users access to and play music from their device's music library.

Learning, developing, and communication are my true passions. I am a DIY master, always eager to create innovative and useful products while adding to my skillset. I may dream big but I always start small, working to make my visions a reality.

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