Eddie Davila

Eddie Davila is the director of the Supply Chain Management program at Arizona State University.

Eddie Davila is a senior lecturer and the undergraduate director for the Supply Chain Management department at the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Eddie presently instructs over 2,000 students every year in the Introduction to Supply Chain Management course entitled Global Supply Operations. In order to accommodate an even larger group of students and to reach students around the world, Eddie helped develop, write, and host a twelve-part YouTube video series on supply chain management. He also has a twelve-part supply chain digital book series that is available on both iTunes and Amazon. Eddie's outside interests and hobbies—which all make their way into his lectures, books, and videos—include music, yoga, television, modern medicine, acting, physics, fantasy sports, and procrastinating. Eddie is most at ease when working with strange, creative, and passionate people.

Number Of Tutorials Created By Eddie Davila : 1