Dominic Sessa

Hi! My name is Dominic Sessa. I am a native of Baltimore, Maryland where I still currently live with my fiancé Kara. I spend all year in Maryland except when traveling to seminars and workshops throughout the world. I travel the world in search of state of the art workouts, nutritional, and coaching advice. I began traveling the world in 2006 in search of the truth. My first over seas travels placed me in London the summer of 2006. I was there for a weeklong workshop for Golf. The golf workshop was more of an anatomy clinic then a conditioning seminar. I learned you could actually have a headache caused by your lower back at this clinic. I traveled to London to learn about athletes and unexpectedly I was learning about injuries. A few weeks before traveling to London I was in Colorado. I was in Colorado for a workshop on sports performance at the Olympic Training Center. I was at this Sports Performance course specifically to learn how the OTC rehabilitated injuries. I discovered injured athletes rarely make it to the Olympics. I was on break for the summer from College where I was studying Exercise Science. My college education disappointed me at the time. We spent most of our time studying books that were a decade old. I found this frustrating because I was a young athlete, had injuries, and knew the application of the books was false. I knew the information was false because of my personal history. When I was 18 years old, the year was 2001, my body was so traumatized I was told I would never walk again. A month after 9/11, October 14th of 2001, I was shot by Jason Heath in Clarksville, Maryland. October 14th was the Sunday night before I was leaving for the Marine Corps. The short version is I heard a friend yell while we were at a gas station. I ran over to see what was wrong and as I got closer I saw something shiny. The closer I got I started to see more clearly until finally I saw it was a rifle. The rifle was pointed at my friends head, so I pushed the gun out of the way and stood in-between my friend and the gun. Jason Heath, the boy who pulled out a rifle at the gas station, stood back and shot me in my leg. The gun was a modified SKS assault rifle that instantly disintegrated 5 inches of my left femur. The next couple of years were some of the most challenging of my life. After surgery I was told that my heart stopped twice, once on the way to the hospital, and once again during surgery. The doctors told me I was lucky to be alive and I would never have full use of my leg again. The bullet had clipped a nerve responsible for picking up my foot. My recovery taught me of the many links between lower and upper body pain. Pairing the knowledge gained from my own recovery and the knowledge gained in London, I made a pivotal decision in my life. I decided to stop going to college and pursue the best education possible.

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