Dermot O'Connor

Dermot o'connor has practiced hand drawn and digital animations at Don Bluth and Warner Bros.

Dermont O'Connor entered the animation industry in 1988,working for Don Bluth's studio in Ireland for five years. During that time he was trained in traditional hand drawn animation. In the mid 90s he directed CD-ROM interactive titles for creative capes entertainment and disney interactive studios working on such projects as 101Dalmatians and Timon and Pumbaa. He was introduced to flash in 2000 and began creating animation for warner Bros. And Disney in Los Angelos and Fatkat animation in canada. Dermot is currently compelling his own 30 mins short film completely animated with flash.

2D Animation: Tips and Tricks
By Dermot O'Connor Dermot O'Connor
2D Animation: Tips and Tricks
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